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buy nfc tags online

If you’ve been looking around the interwebs and trying to find an online store that sells reasonably priced or cheap NFC tags stickers online, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s a whole host of reasons to buy NFC tags and stickers online and we’re going to list just a few for you in this article.


Buying online is more convenient

If you live outside of a major city, there’s a good chance you’re not going to be able to walk down to your local electronics store and get yourself a pack of NFC stickers. Buying your NFC tags online is a great option as they will get delivered directly to your door!

Even if you do live close to the city, by the time you get in your car, catch the train or take time out of your lunch break to try and track down some NFC tags, is it really worth it?

With a competitive shipping rate ($9.90 postage to anywhere in Australia) you can get your NFC tags delivered to your door within a few days! Just head to our online store page and pop a pack in your cart to purchase.

It saves you money

You can be in and out of our store, with your NFC tags ordered and be on your way within 5 mins. This gives you more time to spend with your kids, your dog or doing some overtime to earn some extra bucks. Not only that but you save yourself time and money by not having to drive to a store, go through the checkout (probably picking up a few other things along the way) and getting back home again. Buy your NFC tags online from the convenience of your couch through our online store.

Buying online is quicker

By the time you take into account time to research stores that sell NFC tags, travel time, wear and tear on your vehicle, lunch or a coffee on the way, it makes sense to buy online. Even though you might need to pay shipping costs, it’s still cheaper than a coffee and a train ticket or a toll and parking.

You’re supporting an Australian business

Sure you might be able to get some tags sent over from China for a dollar cheaper, but when you buy from Easiwayv, you know you’re buying from an Australian company. We get to employ local Aussies and you get to help our community. It’s the right choice to make mate!

People – do I have to?

We get it, sometimes you just don’t want to people – we totally understand. There are some days you wish the groceries and shopping would just arrive at your door. We get that people love going out to the shops, we also get that sometimes you just want to click a few buttons, punch in your credit card and have your goods arrive at your door in a few days time. Buying one of our NFC packs gives you exactly that opportunity!

Let’s face it – it’s easier

Now we’re not calling you lazy, we’re calling you smart and savvy. Sometimes taking the easy path doesn’t mean you don’t like hard work. Sometimes taking the easy path means you’re smarter than the rest of those knuckleheads taking the hard path!

Buying online gives you access to greater information

There’s probably a good chance that you’ve typed “buy NFC tags online” or “Cheap NFC tags” or “NFC tag cost” into Google and have looked around at a few websites. Chances are there’s heaps of info about the types of NFC tags those online stores have, how much they cost and what they can be used for.

Try getting that from a sales rep at a local shop that sells NFC tags. In fact we challenge you to try and even find a local shop that sells NFC stickers!

We think buying NFC tags online makes perfect sense. If you do too, pop over to our online store and grab yourself an NFC pack today!