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where to buy nfc tags in australia

NFC tags are increasing in popularity every year and with the advent of the new range of Apple phones being able to support NFC, it means this technology is only going to grow in popularity.

 This also means many companies and general consumers want to get their hands on NFC tags to see what they can do with them. There’s a wide range of uses for both commercial and personal use for NFC tags (go to our Uses/Features page for more ideas on how to use NFC tags) and with more people wanting to order NFC tags online, it makes sense this process is simple, cheap and easy to do.

This is a big reason we started the Easiwayv online store. We wanted people to be able to easily and cheaply order NFC tags online from an Australian company, knowing they’re getting a quality product and support if they need it.

NFC tags for personal use – where to buy them?

If you’re looking to get your hands on some NFC tags or want to buy some online for personal use, the best place to get them is from our online store. Buying our NFC tags online is cheap and easy – a pack of 10 labels is just $9.90 + postage. Here’s what’s included in our NFC sticker packs:-


  • 5 x Hotspot 27mm round single labels
  • 5 x Quad 37mm label square single labels
  • 1 x NFC Easiwayv Tools app

Purchasing one of these NFC packs is a great way (and a very cheap way) to start using NFC tags around your home or for a small business. There are loads of different ways people use NFC tags and you can check out our blog or our Uses/Features page for more info about how to use NFC tags and how to program them.

NFC Tags for business – where to buy them?

If you’re a business and are looking for bulk NFC labels, our sister company Easitag provides commercial NFC labels for businesses around Australia. We can supply a wide range of NFC label sizes and types and also provide a bulk NFC encoding service.

This means your labels get shipped to you with all the right programming built into them so you can start using them right away. Head over to the NFC section of our Easitag website if you need commercial NFC tags for your business.