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In a world where nations and states are slowly beginning to realise the need to live with COVID for years to come, many venues, restaurants and other places that serve food and drink are turning towards contactless menus and ordering to give customers the opportunity to visit their venues with a reduced risk of COVID transmission. 

Contactless restaurant menus give food venues an option to enable patrons to order food in an easy, contactless way from their phones whilst sitting at the table. Many menu software or app providers even enable tables to set up tabs or shared billing, but the real magic happens at the connection between the patron’s phone and the website or online app that displays the menu and payment options. 

This is where a QR code or NFC label will come into play. 

How NFC labels can help your customers order from their phones

restaurant food shareNFC labels offer users to interact with a small NFC enabled sticker with their phones. NFC labels offer a range of different functions when users tap their NFC enabled phones on a programmed sticker. This could range from opening a website address through to sharing contact information or even connecting to a wifi network. 

Most restaurants are interested in giving their customers the ability to order directly from the table and NFC labels enable this to happen. NFC labels are programmable labels that when tapped by an NFC compatible phone, initiate some action or program on the user’s phone. 

Many businesses use NFC labels for tappable promotional posters (when tapped they open up a competition page on a website the user can enter for example) but since the advent of COVID, many restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars, clubs, eateries, etc are looking at utilising NFC labels for contactless food ordering. 

Here’s how it works:-

  • Restaurant signs up for an online ordering system (MrYum for example)
  • Restaurant is provided a URL for your online menu
  • NFC labels are programmed to display this URL when tapped 
  • Patron taps their phone on the NFC label
  • Patron is then directed to your online ordering system

It’s really that easy!

How can I order NFC labels?

Often, if you subscribe to an online service like MrYum they can provide you with NFC labels for a fee, but if you would like to play around with NFC labels to see what’s possible with them, our NFC label starter packs are the perfect solution. They come with 10 x NFC labels and includes an easy-to-use app that you can use to program your NFC labels to point to any website you like.

You can order NFC labels from our shop.

Our NFC labels:-

  • Make it easy for customers to visit your online menu (without having to type in URLs)
  • Make it easy to run promotions
  • Make it easy to share additional information about your venue
  • Are programmable (can be used again and again)
  • Are an alternative to QR codes
  • Are easy to programme and change with our app

If you’ve been thinking about utilising NFC labels in your venue but aren’t sure where to start, our NFC start packs are a low cost investment that gives you all the functionality you need to get started using NFC labels in your restaurant, tavern, cafe, bar, club or eatery.