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NFC Tags for your Android phone – Automate tasks and complete functions with just a tap

If you’re an Android phone owner, you’re well aware of the benefits this open source operating system gives you in terms of customisation, price, flexibility and the huge range of apps and add-ons you can install.

One of the great things about owning an Android phone is that you have NFC baked right into the operating system and with most modern phones, NFC will work right out of the box without the need for additional apps or settings changes.

This means that if you see NFC enabled products or posters you can easily tap your phone and get additional information, videos, instructions, recommendations or competition info with just a tap!


How to turn on NFC on your Android phone

  • Swipe down from the top of your Android phone and this should bring up settings
  • Find the NFC icon (usually looks like this nfclogo )
  • Click on it to enable NFC (should turn blue after it’s been enabled)

This will enable NFC on your phone so you will now be able to tap on NFC tags and labels.

What can you do with NFC?

There’s a wide range of applications for NFC from business to personal use. Many companies are starting to integrate NFC labels into their product labels to give customers additional information about their products, instructional videos or direct customers to competitions and giveaways.

If you’re interested in what you can do at home with NFC labels, take a look at our NFC Uses & Features page.

Can I program NFC tags myself?

Yes, you can. If you download an NFC app that enables you to program NFC labels, you will be able to program your NFC labels.

How do I get my hands on an NFC programming app?

That’s an easy one – we’ve developed the NFC Easiwayv Tools app that enables you to program NFC labels with a wide range of information or actions.

The following options currently available*:

  • Write a plain text message
  • Write a URL link which automatically opens
  • Write a telephone number to be dialled
  • Write and send a pre-made SMS to a fixed phone number
  • Write and send a pre-made email to a fixed email address
  • Connect to a WiFi Network
  • *Automatically connect to WiFi network
  • *Automatically add a new phone contact (business card) on touch

*Coming Soon

Where can I buy NFC Tags?

This is also very easy to answer! Right from this website. Simply go to our shop and you can get yourself an NFC starters kit that has everything you need to play around with NFC labels.

Our kits include:-

  • 5 x Hotspot 27mm round single labels
  • 5 x Quad 37mm label square single labels
  • 1 x NFC Easiwayv Tools app

I thought NFC Tags were only for business use, can I use them at home?

Most certainly! Here in the Easiwayv office we use them at home, at work and even in the car. There’s a whole heap of things you can do with NFC labels to help you automate tasks around the home, at your desk, in the car and even at the gym.

What phones have NFC?

There’s a good chance if you own one of the following phones, you can get yourself an NFC tag from our store and start using NFC.

Galaxy s4, Galaxy note 4, Galaxy note 3, Galaxy s3, Galaxy note 5, Samsung Galaxy s4, Moto x, Moto g, HTC m8, lg g2, lg g3, lg tv, Lumia 920, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 4, Samsung note 4, Galaxy note 3, htc one m8, htc one, Samsung Galaxy s4, Samsung Galaxy s5, Samsung note 4, Samsung, s4, s6, nfc, xperia z, xperia z1, xperia z2.

If you’re not sure about how to check if your phone has NFC, here’s a few ways to find out:-

Check the Manual
I know this probably feels a little ‘old fashioned’ but make your way to the index and see if NFC is anywhere in the list of terms.

Google it
Put your phone model and NFC into a Google search – for example “does the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge have NFC?

Search in your phone
Many android phones have an internal search feature – fire this up and type NFC into the box and see what comes up.

Look in settings
Click on the little cog icon for your settings and poke around in there to see if you have anything relating to NFC.

You can also check out lists of phones that have NFC on them, like this one.

Or this one.

What type of information can I store on an NFC tag?

Really any information can be stored on an NFC labels or tag, what’s going to limit what you can put on there is the programming app used to ‘write’ the label (when we say write the label, we mean adding data to it).

Take a look at the list of options on our NFC Easiwayv Tools app to give you an idea of what can be done.

If you own an Android phone and are looking to buy NFC tags for home, work or even just to play around with because you like techy stuff, Easiwayv’s got you covered with our NFC Starter Packs.