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send txt with nfc tags

How to send text messages using NFC tags

If you’ve been thinking about how you can use NFC tags to automate sending text messages, you’re in luck. In this helpful article we outline exactly how to set up an NFC tag to send a text message.

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Next you will want to download our NFC Easiwayv Tools app to your Android phone. This app will help you to program your NFC tags so you can send automated text messages. Once our app is installed you can program your tags.

How to set up your NFC tag to send an SMS

There are lots of reasons you may want to set up an NFC tag to send a text message. Put one on your desk to text your partner when you’re about to leave the office or put one on the front door of your home so the kids can send you a text as soon as they get home.

Put one somewhere inconspicuous on your local train station to text your mum, dad, husband, wife or friend to pick you up from the station once you’ve arrived or put one at your local watering hole to text for a cab.

OK, so here’s how you can program your NFC tags to send a text message.

  • Open up the NFC Easiwayv Tools app and go to the ‘Write’ tab and tap +Add Record. From here you will be given a list of options.
  • Choose the ‘SMS’ option and a screen will give you the option of adding a phone number and a personalised message to your text.
  • Once these details have been filled out, click OK and you should see the record you’ve just created in your records list (at the bottom of the Write screen in the app).
  • Grab your NFC tag and hold it against your phone and tap the ‘write records’ option to write your record to your NFC tag.

Note: Remember if you want to write to your tag permanently (so no-one can change the record) you will need to choose the option ‘switch to make permanently read-only’.

You should hear a beep if you’ve successfully written your record to the tag.

Now your NFC tag is ready to stick wherever you would like to use it. Simply tap your phone over the tag and your phone should automatically open your SMS application with your message and contact prefilled with the message and number you added to your NFC tag.

So there you have it… that’s how you can set up an NFC tag to automatically send an SMS for you. Simple!