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NFC Tags for Teachers

If you’ve been a teacher for any length of time you know the difficulties faced with keeping student engaged and interested in learning throughout the year. Changing things up and keeping things interesting for your students with new technology is one of the easiest ways to keep them coming back for more every school day.

 A simple and easy way you can keep students engaged by using technology is through the adoption of NFC tags in the classroom. This easy to use technology doesn’t require any fancy software or hardware – you can use your phone to program tags to do all sorts of interesting things. This is something that will make your lessons unique and enticing for students throughout the year. 

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re wondering “what exactly are NFC tags?” take a look at our NFC Tags for Android phones and how does NFC work pages to get a better idea of what NFC labels are, how they work and how you can program them. 

Ideas for using NFC tags in classroom

Extra lesson information
NFC tags are a great way to share additional lesson information with your students. This could be a link to a website, a Wikipedia entry, a video or even a Google Doc or PDF with additional information about a subject or item in your lesson plan for the day. 

NFC tags mean students can simply tap on your pre-programmed label to get the information they need. No QR codes or writing down lengthy URLs to go to later – one tap with their NFC enabled device and they get right to the info you’ve added to the label. 

Smart Posters
By adding NFC tags to posters, teachers can add additional information about the school, directions to a classroom or information about lesson times and places, etc. Adding NFC labels to posters gives you a huge range of options for additional data and info. This keeps students interested, engaged and up to date with the latest and greatest around the school. 

Scavenger hunts
By putting NFC tags around the classroom or school with information about their next task and the position of the next tag you can keep students occupied and engrossed. 

Quiet time
Add an NFC tag to the entrance of your classroom and program it to turn their phones on silent when they enter. Good luck with this one (but it’s worth a try, right?).

These are just a few ideas for using NFC tags in your classroom. We’re sure with a little thought and imagination you can come up with lots of inventive ways to keep students interested in the classroom using NFC tags.