Find out how to use NFC in your home

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Humans are creatures of habit. Every one of us has a morning routine that we follow and things we like to do when we get home. It could be getting the coffee on first thing in the morning or getting changed and taking your shoes off as soon as you walk in the door from a long day at work.

There are things we do in our homes every day that make up our routines and many of these now incorporate our smartphones. What many Australians don’t know is there are ways to automate these tasks so you can fit more into your morning and make your routine easier and more efficient.

NFC tags are a great way to automate tasks on your smartphone and our programmable NFC tags can help you automate a wide range of functions in your home. Since NFC is a technology that many people don’t know about, here’s a list of things that you can do with our NFC starter packs.

Have your kids easily message you when they get home from school

As a parent you want to know that your kids made it home from school safe and sound every day, right? We all know that teenagers shrug their shoulders and grunt at you whenever you ask them to do something so the likelihood of them remembering to text you when they get home is slim – but not if you make it super easy for them.

Simply get one of our NFC Starter Packs that comes with an included NFC Encoding app and program an NFC tag to send an automatic text message to your phone and stick it near your front door. This way when your kids get home, all they have to do is tap their phone on the tag to let you know they’re safe and sound and since it’s super easy and involves their device, there’s a good chance they will actually remember to do it!

NFC tags in the car

Most new cars have bluetooth compatibility in them and if you’re anything like us you want to get in and start driving right away. With an NFC tag you can easily turn on your bluetooth to enable pairing to the speakers in your car.

You can also set up a secondary tag to automatically open Google Maps or your navigation app. This is particularly handy if you travel a lot for your job.

Want to play your favourite playlist in the car? No problems, simply encode your NFC tag to open Spotify or your music app and play your favorite tunes. The best thing about this is that our NFC labels are re-programmable so you can set up a different playlist every week if you want to!

NFC tags at the gym

When you walk through the gym door you want to be 100% focused on your workouts. Simply put an NFC tag into your gym bag and have your phone turn on ‘do not disturb’ or ‘flight mode’ and start playing your favourite music so you can lift weights or hit the treadmill.

NFC tags in the bedroom

If you’re the type of person that has their smartphone on their bedside table throughout the night, there’s a good chance you want it to be quiet so it doesn’t wake you. This task can easily be automated by putting an NFC tag next to your bed and enabling it to turn ‘flight mode’ on your phone, giving you a peaceful night's sleep.

NFC tags on your laptop

This is a really handy idea – simply add an NFC tag to your laptop (Non Metal) and set it up so that it automatically turns on your phone’s hotspot to connect your laptop to it on the go.

NFC tags in the office

There’s a whole host of ways you can utilise NFC tags in your office. When you get to your desk, tap your phone on an NFC tag to have it connect to the wifi, turn onto silent or vibrate ring modes. Like the idea above where kids can send a text to your parents? You can easily tap an encoded NFC tag to automatically send a text message to a loved one when you leave the office, letting them know you will be home soon.

NFC tags in the kitchen

Got a meal you cook often, like boiled eggs for example? Put an NFC tag in your kitchen and have it setup and enable a timer for the 3 and a half minutes it takes to cook a boiled egg to perfection (or 7 minutes if you’re a weirdo and like them hard). You can also set up a tag to link to your favourite recipe website or put them in your recipe books to find additional information or go to online shopping sites to get ingredients.

NFC tags in meetings

If you’re in a job where you go to lots of meetings there’s going to be a time where you forget or run out of business cards to hand out. Having an NFC tag in your wallet with your contact details gives potential clients and customers the ability to simply tap on your wallet or business card holder and get your contact details instantly.

NFC tags in your home office

If you have a home office and get visitors from time to time, you can easily set up an NFC chip to enable others to access your Wifi network. The great thing about this is because NFC labels use a close proximity to share information to phones, no one will be able to connect to your network from outside your home.

NFC tags for your restaurant or cafe

If you have a restaurant or cafe you can put up promotional posters in areas close to your venue with NFC tags attached to them. This can be tapped by potential customers which will open either your website contact details or perhaps a Google Map with directions to your cafe or restaurant.

Really, the possibilities are endless when it comes to how you use NFC tags around your home and you’re only limited by your imagination and how many tags you have!

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